Iconic Style

Client: Ralph Lauren

Project: Product Showcase

A temporary website by Vogue Paris & Ralph Lauren that highlights the emblematic timeless pieces from the new collection of the brand.

Ralph Lauren collaborated with Vogue Paris for an ephemeral website to present the new Iconic collection based on 10 classic and timeless items. For the occasion the magazine produced a fashion serie and an expert analysis for each item, showing through 10 looks their vision of the emblematic pieces of the designer.

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What I believe in is the timelessness of an attitude, the timelessness of style declares Ralph Lauren. He made inescapable classics his signature, creating luxury lifestyle from simple, familiar pieces. At the occasion of his last collection, Vogue Paris wanted to pay a tribute to this font-line designer.

We imagined an ephemeral website based on 10 star items, built as 10 screens linked by an horizontal navigation. Each item is introduced by a black and white picture from the RL campaign, followed by an analysis with historic facts and key fashion advices written by Vogue editors.

Model wearing a British Overcoat Model wearing a Smoking Model wearing a Safari Jacket Model wearing Sailor Trousers Model wearing a Peacoat Model wearing a RL Blazer Model wearing a Fireman's Jacket Model wearing an Officer Jacket Model wearing an Army Jacket Model wearing a Tweed Jacket



The British Overcoat

In the early 70s, Ralph Lauren decided to twist the British warm overcoat, an upgraded version of the uniform.

The Smoking

This item uses man tailoring techniques with a twitch of feminine lines inspired by Marlene Dietrich and Hollywood icons.

The Safari Jacket

Ralph Lauren brings safari in town via this adventurous, contemporary Mogambo item declined in a five stars lamb leather.

The Sailor Trousers

With their high waist, their buttons and their sporty silhouette, those pants embody the pure chic and classic navy spirit.

The Peacoat

Inspired by navy officer jackets, this coat participates to Ralph Lauren’s success since the beginning of the brand.

The Blazer

Back in the 30s, the double breasted blazer with its retro sophistication challenges the masculine-feminine appearance.

The Fireman's Jacket

In the early 70s Ralph Lauren found a vintage fireman’s jacket, that became a key item of his 1974 show and his career.

The Officer Jacket

An army jacket yes, but a luxury one: updated by a slim silhouette and specially developed trim.

The Army Jacket

Rustic chic in a military tone, this iconic item made of Japanese twill is a timeless basic as contemporary practical.

The Tweed Jacket

Coming from his own wardrobe, reimagined for women in a British tailoring spirit, it’s Ralph Lauren’s favorite.


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Finally we set up a photo shoot, asking Vogue stylists to conceive 10 actual looks based on each item, and share their vision of timeless elegance. We chose to produce animated and coloured pictures to contrast with the black and white still lifes from the campaign, to show those timeless items through a contemporary interpretation.

Closeup on big bottle of the RL perfume
Model wearing RL marin pants
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Imagined and captured from the Iconic RL collection



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Since Ralph Lauren founded his eponym brand

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